Amazing Things!

Howard Carter’s exclamation when asked what he could see on first looking into Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Historical talks & presentations

Two village associations provide a wide range of historically-themed talks throughout the year – the Otford and District Historical Society, and the 1940s Society.

ODHS Programme of talks

Talks take place monthly from September to May, held in the Village Memorial Hall.

The 1940s Society

Talks are held bi-monthly (starting in January) at the Village Memorial Hall. Entrance is £3 and tea, coffee and cake are served during the interval.

Local speakers available:

  • Alan Williams
  • Ed Thompson
  • Rod Shelton
  • Phil Clucas
  • Cliff Ward

The Millenium Mosaic

A village history told in tesserae.

The Millenium Mosaic was designed by mosaic artist, Oliver Budd and installed on the wall of Lutyens’ Church Hall in 2000. The design was the result of extensive community involvement with Otford residents suggesting and donating artifacts for inclusion in the black fondu surrounding of the main design. The village’s mosaic sign, sited on The Green, was designed by local artist Barbara Darby who constructed it under the tuition of Oliver Budd.

The 8 sections of the mosaic

The Solar System Model

Otford centre of the universe.

The centre of the renowned ‘model’ of the Otford Solar System is located at the far side of the village Recreation Ground. It was the inspiration of local amateur astronomist, David Thomas and installed in 2008. It accurately shows the position of the planets, sun and earth on the first day of the new millennium in 2000. The ‘model’ consists of carefully, crafted concrete pillars which form the bases for an etched plate naming the planet , pointing its direction to the sun.

The concept was enthusiastically received by the international astronomic community and today the model of the nearest star to earth, Proxima Centauri, still in perfect scale with the sun’s centre in Otford, can be found sited at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles! Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, has its information board sited in the Sydney Observatory, Australia. This unique scale model can provide us with a genuine appreciation of the astronomical distances of our universe.

Articles & Essays

Many articles on aspects of Otford’s heritage have been written and published in recent years. Now this site can provide the opportunity to review and record this varied and valuable information.
Titles listed include those of Alan Williams, Charles Shee, Philip Clucas and Ed Thompson, among others.